Monday, 28 February 2011

Making progress..

Despite endless distractions, work on the attic made good progress over the weekend.

I'm not sure on the details, but the levels between the floor and ceiling of the two rooms was sorted. The frame for the stud wall almost completed, the floor was insulated and the floor covering cut to size. Pipes also played a part at some stage as I know the water had to be turned off for a while.

Most work we share but as my husband is a builder by trade, on this occasion I am demoted to labourer and coffee maker. So am oblivious to the finer details of the work.

Photo: The room looks tiny but I have been assured it is more than big enough


Anonymous said...

yay progress!

Sandra said...

I just hope it doesn't come to a grinding halt too soon.

It has come at a cost though - we ran out of time to hedge the paddock this winter, it's not too bad just the foot path hedge really.

How are yor renovations going ?