Saturday, 7 November 2009

Freezer crisis

We appear to have seriously misjudged the amount of space needed in the freezer for two rather large Tamworth pigs !! Yesterday we collected
some of the last two pigs to go. We still have all the bacon and gammon to collect and this week the lamb is off to slaughter as well.
Yesterday evening and today was spent open freezing and packing the sausages and jiggling 'things' around to make everything fit. I think an emergency shopping trip might be in order.
Mid week the remaining turkey will be taken out to free up a little more space but other than that we are stumped. In a blond moment I remarked 'no problem,we'll take some of the meat out and make up various meals to freeze' .....'and then ???' was the reply.

This morning in a rare few hours of reasonably dry weather we managed to start sorting out the pig run, removing the ark, water troughs etc. and levelling out the ground. Now it will be left over winter to dry out and break up in the frost, before we tackle it next year for reseeding.

The showers gradually built up during the day and just as we left to settle the animals down for the night the heavens opened- hail, thunder and lightning. We could barely see to drive, there were rivers of water running down the hill and lane and the pig pen looked like a swimming pool, it was lucky we worked on it this morning because we would never of been able to remove the ark after tonight's rain..
All the animals had the sense to find shelter, all except the geese who were happily splashing about in their pond.
Soaking wet and I mean soaking wet, the rain had even started to run off my trousers into my boots, we came home changed and sat by the fire with bowls of hot chilli made with minced pork.......well we do need the freezer space !


Anonymous said...

I always have that problem! (The freezer space issue as well as the rain water in my boots thing!)

So ... how many different recipes and uses for pork will you be trying out this week?! That's why home grown pork is soooo tasty: you have to eat so much when you first get it back :D

Sandra said...

Sausages and chilli yesterday, pork chops today, goodness knows after that and at every opportunity eggs we have so many !!

Anonymous said...

i so understand your freezer crisis...
mind you - its a good problem to have.. so much home grown produce.

each freezer we have bought was definitely going to be the last we bought.....

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Ah - freezer space. I keep wondering how on earth I'm going to get the 2 lambs and 3 turkeys due for slaughter on Thursday, into the limited space I have left. Time to make jams and chutneys with some of the fruit and veg in there methinks! And it won't be long before I need to add a pig, some ducks and the other turkeys - ahhhhhhhh!!

Rosie x