Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Big Wide World

After days of bitterly cold winds, rain, hail and even snow this morning we woke to the promise of a beautiful, sunny dry day. There was the usual frost at first with frozen drinkers etc. but the warmth of the sun is slowly causing everything to melt and at last the lambs and ewes have been able to venture outside.

Frank, Freda's ram lamb ran out without a second thought, also without his mother and sister. Although his mother soon followed, Florence was very reluctant and needed to be carried to join them. Annie couldn't wait to get onto the grass she has been looking longingly at through the gate for the past few weeks. So much so that it was several minutes before she remembered she had a lamb and ran back to her calling.
All three lambs have received gentle and often not so gentle head butts from the ewes to remind them who belongs to who.

I shall stable them again over night, mostly for my own reassurance that they are safe and the lambs don't wander off. From tomorrow they will be able to come and go as they please.

The eye of Annie's lamb I think , although it may just be me hoping, is looking slightly better but still weeping. I am going to give her just another day and if it hasn't visibly improved we will have to inject it.

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