Saturday, 3 April 2010

Entropion and treatment in lambs - photos

After a couple of days of trying to correct the in turned eyelids of Annie's lamb, manually, we had to resort to more direct intervention. The vet came on Friday morning and injected a slow releasing antibiotic in two places under the lamb's right eyelid. The fluid caused the area underneath the eye to swell forcing the lashes outwards. Although it looked as if the poor creature had walked into a door, the affect was immediate. The eye looked less painful and stopped weeping.
By the evening some of the swelling had gone down and her eye was partially open. This morning it looked better still and the lamb has spent the day happily racing around the
field with the other two. The eye will remain slightly swollen for the next couple of days, giving the lower lid a chance to stay in the correct position. In the unlikely event it doesn't a second injection will be required. As an added precaution we are treating the eye daily with an eye ointment.

Photo1: Before treatment - lower eyelid in turned, causing pain and tearing

(Photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image.)

Photo 2 & 3: A couple of hours after being injected, swollen with lower eyelid forced outwards

More photos of improvement to follow.


Anonymous said...

hope that fixes it

Simon Dawson said...

Nice to see someone really taking care of their stock.

Sandra said...

Simon .thanks I do try and do the best I can.

She is so much better(I must take another photo) and has got wise to the fact that each evening whilst her mum is feeding I catch her and put cream in her eye. :)

Marianne said...

Hi Sandra,
I had 2 cases of entropion last year, both resolved after using an alligator clip to pull the lid down for a few days. I have another case this year & the clip isn't working. I asked the vet to come out & show me the antibiotic injection treatment. I've seen it done once, but thought it would help to see again. However, he wanted me to bring the lamb into the clinic for a surgery which I didn't want to put the lamb through. Can you tell me whether your vet used penicillin or LA-200 in the injection? Thanks in advance.

Marianne in Oregon

Sandra said...

Hi Marianne,

Sorry to hear about your lamb. I will double check with the vet on the treatment she used and get back to you.I think it has worked, yesterday morning I thought the eye was looking worse but the 'wetness' around it was from the ointment applied the previous evening. I have added more photos to the 'update' post - the eye is much clearer, maybe it will never be completely right or maybe I am expecting it to get better quicker than it takes.

Good luck with the lamb.