Friday, 1 January 2010

The girls are home

Photos added 2 01 2010:

This afternoon we collected the ewes. They are now home after a couple of months running with the ram. Hopefully they have returned in lamb. By the time we arrived at the yard the light was fading and the temperature had dropped below zero again, so it was a case of quickly settling them in, tomorrow I will spend more time with them and hopefully take some photos.

Freda my new Shorpshire/Jacob shearling is looking well, if not a little too well. She appears to have matured in her looks - more sheep like than lamb now. Annie my Zwartbles, if anything
is looking a little on the thin side but otherwise fine. She seemed pleased to see me and be home once more. Annie accepted Fred immediately, as if though they hadn't had time apart, Freda on the other hand head butted him straight off his feet, we will have to watch the pair closely and hope they settle, she (Freda) has certainly lost some of her timidness !

It is good to have them back.The start of the New Year and all it may hold !!



Anonymous said...

they look happy to be back. a lot less woolly than ours!

Sandra said...

I know I'm a bit concerned about Annie, she's much thinner than when she left us and she was still feeding then and also she has very little fleece. After the trouble with our ewe last year after she came back's a bit worrying.