Monday, 21 November 2011

The lambs are happy

Having decided to overwinter the lambs, at the weekend we bought in several bales of hay and straw.

The lambs are alternating between the paddock and orchard by day and in the 'fowl's run' at night once the turkeys have been closed in.

With the temperature so mild the grass is still growing so the lambs have plenty to eat, although the nutritional value is low. The orchard is scattered with
the last few windfall apples adding interest to their diet and the hedges are still in leaf, (the hedges always being preferrred to grass at the best of times)

The land is free draining so mud is rarely an issue. All in all I think the lambs will be fine and with the ewes not returning to the land for most, if not all, of 2012 the ground will also have a chance to recover.


Anonymous said...

oh the ewes are on an extended holiday this time then?

Sandra said...

More than likely. I'm not lambing this year, but the friend whose land they are on has asked to 'use' Annie, the Zwartbles so she will probably keep both ewes until Annie is weaned from the lambs.