Friday, 27 November 2009

Poorly Legbar

Over the past few weeks the weather has been relentless, driving rain and strong winds. Despite doing everything I can for all the animals I think one of the Legbars may have started to struggle. This morning she is fluffed up but still alert enough to show an interest every time I enter the pen. Hopefully she is just a little chilled. The Legbars have only just come out of moult so their body reserves are at their lowest. In the evenings I am giving them mixed corn with added cod liver oil. The corn is slow to digest so keeps them warm overnight and the cod liver oil gives them extra vitamins. Their house is clean and dry, with plenty of ventilation but draught free. Their pen is free of mud and they have places to shelter from the wind and rain and upturned tree roots and branches to perch on to get off the ground. So I think it is just a case of keeping a close eye on her, ruling out any other possible illnesses and hope she pulls through.

I have also struggled this week. I am very rarely ill, after years of looking after young children I think I am pretty much immuned to most bugs but this week I have been knocked for six. Other than making sure all the animals are fed, watered, clean and dry, all I have managed to do is light the fire and curl up by it for the day.
The forecast is for the weather to continue as it is for the next few days, I just hope the Legbar has the strength to see it out.


Anonymous said...

ah we are both lurgied then!

I'm getting better - hope you are soon

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Hope you and the chook both make a full and speedy recovery. Would a {hug} help?

Rosie x

Sandra said...

I'm feeling loads better thanks, I bounce back pretty quickly and I'm sure the little legbar will as well :)

Rosie how is your little one ?