Monday, 23 November 2009

Wet Monday

Yet another dark and miserable day with strong winds and driving rain. The poor animals look so miserable. I have done the best I can for them, they are fed, watered and their shelters are clean and dry.

Fred is making good use of a spare pig ark, with his hay net in there and a good covering of fresh straw on the floor it is quite cosy.
The geese don't mind the wet weather so much, but they do have houses to shelter in if they need to, there is also plenty of natural shelter around the edges of the fields. We are feeding them a small amount of corn twice a day.
When the weather is like it is the turkeys stay in the stable, they have areas to perch, plenty of floor covering to scratch about in, ad lib food and greens hung up to peck at. So they don't mind too much not going outside.
It is the poor chickens who suffer the most. Their pen is free of mud and they have two houses with covered runs, as well as their coop to shelter in and they are fed in the dry. It's just they just look so fed up!
They are fed on layers pellets and in the afternoon corn with added cod liver oil. Apple cider vinegar and garlic is added to their drinking water. Whether any of these supplements help, I don't know, many recommend them. The hens are certainly laying well, especially for this time of the year and in such bad weather conditions, so maybe they do. A little winter sunshine would be nice though.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Despite the foul weather (no pun intended) we got two hen eggs and a duck egg today :-)

Rosie x

Sandra said...

: ) hurrray....long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

where do you buy your CV and how much do you add to their water?

Sandra said...

I bought mine from Ascotts as I was putting in a order. You can find it in the horsey section of most ag merchants.
The link below gives a little detail on amounts ...I just add a glulg :) I bought the smaller of the Lincoln brand and added a clove of garlic to the container. It appears to last for ages, don't know if it does any good or not but doesn't cost the earth and it makes me feel as if though I'm 'doing' something to help them through this dreadful weather and we are drowning in eggs !!