Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Final count

Final count - 4 ! - and this time down to my inexperience and unfamiliarity with the incubator, I'm sure. Although more than half of the Blackrock/Goldline eggs were clear, most of the other eggs went to full term but failed to hatch. It's so hard to know for certain why, but possibly too low a temperature and low humidity. I seem to struggle with the humidity level with this incubator despite following the instructions.
I haven't yet turned the incubator off or checked the unhatched eggs..horrid job! I will do so shortly as I need to disinfect the incubator and equipment and set it running again for the Turkey eggs - due to arrive today or tomorrow.
I must admit I'm not at all confident with a successful hatch anymore but will try. I will most likely end up having to buy turkey poults later in the year !
I am going to move the incubator back down to the garage, it is built into the hill so maintains a more stable temperature than the shed, despite the shed being insulated in an attempt to regulate it more.
I was hoping one of the Dorkings would go broody in time for this batch of eggs. For several days now she has been wondering around clucking to herself like - well like - a mother hen. Usually the first indication of thinking about going broody. She also spends much of her time next to the run with the 5 week old chicks in clucking away to them and is rather moody with the other hens. Sadly though she hasn't so the success or failure of these eggs is down to me !

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