Saturday, 21 February 2009


Decision time: I have only half heartily tried to sell my geese and as time goes on I'm not sure which to sell. I keep finding reasons why they can't go. First one of the Orchard geese was laying soft shelled eggs...well you can't sell a goose like that can you ? That is now sorted, I think it was just the young one getting into the swing of egg laying. Then the Paddock goose was lame ( just for a day ) .... well you can't sell a lame goose can you, now she is fine. The two young ganders have lost a few tail feathers....well you can't sell them not looking their best can you, people will think you don't take good care of them...they will grow back just the result of a few squabbles. No more excuses.....but they are no trouble and don't eat that much grass !!

Oh another reason... we now think the young gander in the centre of the photo maybe a goose. I think we will have to wait to see if she lays before we make any rash decisions on getting rid of any!!

Top photo: The Orchard Geese.Foreground the older goose, center gander, background May 08 hatched goose. ( The photo makes them look somewhat squat)

Second photo: The Paddock geese. Foreground the two May 08 hatched ganders.Background original pair, left gander, right goose.

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