Friday, 20 February 2009

Chicken watching

Back to beautiful weather again, a frosty start and then sunshine, although the mist has just begun to roll in along the valley. I 'm not very motivated on dull, drizzly days like we have had this week.

Not that I have achieved much today, I have 'wasted' the day chicken watching ! All four hens are now looking as if though they should be in lay having really coloured up over the past few days. All three Sussex have been in and out of the house this week but haven't laid. Today I am not sure what they have been up to, one would go in then another, then the first would come out and the third go in. At one stage all three were in together for quite sometime, leaving the poor Black rock wondering where everyone had gone.Eventually just Peggy was in the house and after an age she came out having finally laid a rather small ,OK medium size, tinted egg. ( It's just I am used to large goose eggs ) As soon as she came out Splash went in and was in there for equally as long as Peggy. After she had been out for awhile I confidently went to collect the second egg....nothing.Oh well maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ncie watching them though isn't it. and there always seems to be some practice runs before the actual laying. hopefully you will be with plenty of chickens eggs soon

Sandra said...

It always feels slightly indulgent 'just' watching but it is an inportant part of livestock keeping : ) I reckon.

That's why I love weekends - that little extra time to stand and stare.