Friday, 2 July 2010


At last we have had rain. Not as much as forecast but we are so desperate any is good. Rather than arriving at 2pm and continuing through the night until mid morning today, it started at 6pm and by the early hours of the morning had turned to a very light drizzle. Even so we are hopeful that the scorched grass will soon start to grow and the fields will turn green again.

Everywhere was beginning to suffer, despite nightly watering the veg patch was starting to look a little sorry, the pond had all but dried up in the shallows and the sheep were beginning to look longingly at the one area that still had green grass - the new poultry pen, which tomorrow they will be let onto.

The forecast is for hot dry weather again. Good for the tourist trade but a little nightly rain occasionally would also be very welcome.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Our forecast rain never materialised and I have taken to watering the garden with tap water (not looking forward to the water bill) but I reckoned it will be cheaper than losing the veg and having to buy it in. Grass is our really big problem though - we just don't have enough. Oh well - give it a while and I'm sure I'll be muttering about the rain!!

Rosie x

Sandra said...

We struggling with the lack of grass, there is just no re growth. We have started offering the sheep hay again which they are taking.

A worry because I think come the winter hay is going to be in short supply, farmers here are taking approxomately 50% less bales off the feilds and so far no second cuts.

Your gite is looking really good !! you have all worked so hard. Good luck with it !

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Hay crops are poor here too - I am off to speak to my local farmer soon - he normally supplies me with hay but if he doesn't have enough I'll have to look elsewhere - and I suspect it will be very expensive.