Sunday, 6 June 2010


Finally the ewes have been sheared. It is the latest we have ever been, yet the sheep haven't seemed too uncomfortable. I think I'm more relieved than they are, as the flies are beginning to get about and the forecast for the next week is showery.

Sadly this is the last year with our shearer, he is retiring. Although he will pass on our name to the person he is handing his list over to, it won't be the same. My husband has known the present shearer all his life, he lives minutes from where we keep the sheep. He is good and very tolerant !

Neither sheep were as I feared they maybe, I was sure Annie was too fat and that Freda was going to look dreadfully thin under all her wool but both are fine.

Annie's lamb failed to recognise her newly shorn mother despite standing very close to her and cried for her. A quick suckle and all bonds were restored.

Fred was crutched and belly clipped ready for his appointment on the 15th June.

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