Thursday, 13 May 2010

Missing - presumed dead

Monday night Tabatha was curled up by the wood burner along with Lucy. A sight t
hat had become quite familiar recently. Although the two cats were brought up together from kittens, more than 15 years ago, they were never really friends, but old age and the cold winter brought about an uneasy alliance.

Tabatha hasn't been seen since and the possibility of her never returning is a reality.

We re homed her from a cat rescue centre when she was 12 weeks old. She had been brought in after being involved in a road accident, her leg had been broken and needed pinning. She recovered well but her leg was always a little stiff especially in the cold weather and she would sit with it at an angle.

Never a lap cat she only accepted attention and affection on her terms. Much to my embarrassment she was well known in the neighbourhood for jumping in the windows of neighbouring houses. Not that it was ever discouraged by any of them I hasten to add, in fact she was actively encouraged by a few !

She was a great hunter and at this time of year would often return home with half grown rabbits. Her downfall and most likely the cause of her disappearance was her taste for poison. She was quite young, when one day she arrived home very poorly. The vet diagnosed poisoning most likely anti freeze or slug pellets. She was giving an antidote and we played the waiting game, she recovered but it became a regular occurrence, at the start of winter and at this time of year when gardeners are planting out young plants she regularly came home 'spaced out'. Other than keeping her indoors as a house cat there was nothing we could do other than accept that one day she may not come home.


Anonymous said...

so hard when you just dont know what happens.

take care

Marianne said...

I once had a cat named Buddy who would climb up 3 stories and into the window of a neighbor's home and sleep on her guest bed everyday late in the afternoon when the sun was shining on the bed. The neighbor was widowed and loved that he visited her everyday for years. Your post about your cat visiting the neighbors reminded me of that wonderful memory (and cat).

Hopefully your cat is now enjoying herself in kittie heaven.

Sandra said...

Hi Marianne..I'm sorry I've just realised I never did get back to you about the treatment for your is it ? Thank fully mine responded to the first injection without needing a second.I think I was just expecting positive results too soon.I hope all is well with yours.

Just about to pop over and have a browse of your site : )

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Any news? Not knowing is horrible :-(

Rosie x

Sandra said...

No, no sign of her.I've just got a feeling she won't turn up..hopefully she will :)

Poppy said...

I'm so sorry to read this, I know just how you feel and it isn't at all nice not knowing xx

Sandra said...

Thanks Poppy. Still no sign, all the neighbours know she is missing -they miss her as well- and we have a poster up but to be honest I don't think we will see her again.