Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank holiday weekend

At this time of year all evenings and weekends are given up to livestock and gardening, this weekend has been no different.

The sheep have been moved onto fresh pasture.

Photos: Freda with Frank and Florence, Amy behind. Lambs now 5 weeks old

Compost has been brought back from the yard, the grass has been cut and more vegetable seeds so
wn. The extra strawberry plants, we ordered a while ago have finally arrived and have been planted out, making the fruit garden now complete. We will have very little fruit this year but the promise of plenty in years to come. The flower garden has had a little more attention, mostly pruning of shrubs.

The most rewarding job this weekend, however is the new poultry pen has finally been finished. Well - the ground has been dug over, rotovated and raked and the grass seed sown. We still need to finish a little of the fencing and renovate the poultry house but the hardest part has now been completed.

Photos: Almost completed poultry pen

Next we need to decide if to replace the rusty, broken old fence between the new poultry pens and the Fowl's run. It certainly needs removing and we need to decide if to leave it down, so making the Fowl's run larger or repalce it. The small parcel of land between the two areas at the moment is so useful, but we can't really justify the expense of new fencing for such a small area.

Maybe a decision best left for a later date.

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