Sunday, 11 April 2010

Slowly catching up

Finally we have lovely weather, although still we are getting a few light frosts overnight. At least a good month behind on planting up the garden we have now made a start. Yesterday the potatoes, shallots and onions went in, today hopefully we will start on a few seeds and after a couple of days hardening off the broad beans will be able to be planted out.

It's not just us, everything is late this year. The fruit blossom, especially the plum is usually out by now. Few trees are in leaf yet and the grass, although thankfully now growing is slow.

Yesterday without the cold breeze of today it was warm enough to open up the hive. We were hoping to find the Queen bee and mark her in a more noticeable colour than dark green but were unable to see her. She has however been busy laying, everything from eggs, all stages of larvae and capped brood filled 7 frames, there were also 2 frames of stores.

With chicks hatching yesterday, more expected Wednesday and another hen going broody summer is on it's way at last.

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