Friday, 19 March 2010

Toad Migration

Last night, coinciding with the first wet day we have had for awhile, the toads started their annual migration to their breeding ponds; the evidence sadly - many squashed toads in the road outside the house.

This is the first year we have a pond and I am hopeful it may attract a few passing toads, however they habitually return to the same breeding ground so possibly not.

I am able to source frog spawn but all advice is against doing so. Moving spawn from different locations increases the risk of spreading infection and also introducing invasive foreign plants to new areas.

I'm sure if I bide my time our new wildlife pond will gradually become populated with local flora and fauna. Already there are several, as yet unidentified ( by me ) tiny creatures darting amongst the weed.


Michelle said...


I enjoyed your post.

I'm sure I read somewhere that sourcing frog spawn from a neighbour's pond (i.e. local and not from the wild) is fine. Invasive plants and diseases are likely to be carried between ponds that are this close together anyway (whether you move spawn between them or not) by birds bathing / feeding in both ponds. May be worth a shot if you have no luck this year!


Sandra said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you :)
I think if I have no luck soon I'll chance it - as you say if it is local to us the problems should be greatly reduced.

Anonymous said...

i noticed last night the first of the toad and frog loving going on in the pond. about a month late this year!