Monday, 15 February 2010

Broody Hen

Finally the broody.....

I had intended to buy a Welsh black fowl from Castle F
arm, only a pullet not a 2 year old broody sitting on a set of Leghorn eggs. In fact I had rationalised buying eggs wasn't a good idea due to lack of space but.... I have worked it out and it will be fine !!
The hen has been sitting for 2 weeks, on I believe 9, hopefully fertile Exchequer Leghorn eggs. She travelled ama
zingly well and is still sitting tight, so all fingers crossed.
David of Castle Farm uses mineral lick buckets (as seen in the photo) with the front cut out, as nest boxes. An idea that from now on I will adopt. This made transporting the hen so easy, she was literally placed, still in the bucket inside a cardboard box. On arrival the bucket was removed from the box and put into the shed, fo
r now her home.

The shed was purpose built for the poultry. The outside walls are insulated to help keep the temperature stable and the window is covered with wire mesh so in the summer it can be left open but is rodent proof. An area is sectioned off, with removable doors and floors, for ease of cleaning, which I use for raising a few chicks. This is where the broody is now. She has space to wander around and to eat and drink if she chooses to. Tomorrow I shall add a litter tray for her to dust bathe in. My last broody loved her daily dust bath. She will then be left alone, only being disturbed when I freshen her water and food....and a week or so from now.....


Anonymous said...

my goodness - what will you do with them all!

Sandra said...

: ) not sure I'd be surprised at this time of the year to get a good hatch but Tim is talking of keeping at least a trio for breeding !!! who am I to argue !