Thursday, 1 October 2009

The waiting game - First egg

The Welsummer pullets are now 24 weeks old and are very close to laying. Of the three I brought back to the layers run 2 are reddening up nicely and one ( the one whose beak needs trimming ) has been in and out of the nest box for several days now - a sure sign that it is only a matter of days before we get the first egg.

The 3 remaining Welsummer pullets in the growers pen are also beginning to redden and the cockerel is showing an interest in one of them and also one of the Speckled Sussex from the same hatch, so they too are close to laying.

It will be interesting to see who lays first. The 3 in the layers run have been fed layers pellets for the last few weeks, the birds in the growers pen have been on rearer pellets until a couple of weeks ago, recently they have been fed mixed corn and barley.

The Speckled Sussex, who in fact is promising to be a lovely bird, is the one I took a bet on, waging a dozen eggs for a tray bake that 'she' was a cockerel. I guess her first dozen eggs are spoken for !

( Photo: some of the laying hens enjoying the shade.)


Anonymous said...

I've never met a Welsummer in the flesh and I now think that's a shame as yours are beautiful. Oh dear, I think I might have just expanded my chicken wish-list!!

Sandra said...

Thank you, they are one of my all time favourites : )

aahh..the wish list...never ending!