Monday, 6 July 2009


The turkey poults are now 12 days old and looking very much - well like turkeys. They are beginning to walk like turkeys and do the typical turkey 'stretch and peer' with their necks. The young white stag is also starting to display - wings dropped but held out from the body and circling, so funny to watch. They are also very flighty and I'm sure see the wire netting covering their pen more as a challenge than a barrier.

They are very different from chicks, but no reason why they should be the same. Much friendlier and more inquisitive, taking photos is quite hard unless I'm after close up eye shots. Yet at the same time more wary of change. I placed their drinker on a stand at the weekend, it took quite some time before they were brave enough to go near it.

I think they are doing fine, once they reach 7 weeks I will be more confident as I have been there before and will be familiar with their behaviour, but so far so good.

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