Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rain !!!

Rain - yes we have rain !!! Thank fully not the torrential, thundery downpours forecast for overnight but but a nice steady gentle rain, just what the garden needs. There hasn't been enough yet to wet the surface, never mind go very deep but if it continues.... However I think last night's forecast storms are working their way up from Cornwall at present. Still rain is rain and we need it.

The veg. patch isn't too bad, as we have been watering nightly. Not ideal but necessary if we are to get the crops we hope for. The flower borders have to take their chance, I work very much on the principle of the survival of the fittest. It's the grass that is most important. We are beginning to run short. Normally by moving the livestock on a regular basis we are able to provide enough fresh grass for all their needs, only having to occasionally supplement hay at the very end of a dry summer or overwinter - never this early. We aren't at that stage yet but I moved the sheep off the paddock last weekend and usually by now new growth would have started to come through but the geese are eating it as fast as it is growing.
So this rain is very welcome indeed.

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