Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Guess what ?

Yes it's raining - again. In fact it's pouring down. A severe weather warning and flood warnings have been issued for this area. I feel so sorry for the holiday makers, the roads are really busy with families in cars just driving around with nowhere to go.Today is Yealmpton show, I'm not sure if it has been cancelled or is going ahead but it is such a shame after all the hard work and expense that has gone into organising, this annual one day event, to have weather like this and of course it isn't the only event, there are many at this time of the year.

Not only is it wet, it is also quite cold. The tomatoes in the greenhouse, although plentiful are tasteless due to the lack of sunshine, the outdoor cucumbers just don't seem to be developing and I have pretty much given up on the melon plants. Overall though the garden is doing well and most days now the majority if not all the ingredients for the evening meal are home grown.

The livestock aren't fairing too badly, all have shelter so are able to keep dry and warm but of course they would benefit from the warmth of the sun, sets them up for the winter, I feel.

Maybe we will have better weather in August, not looking promising mind. Oh well at least the grass is growing!

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