Monday, 27 July 2009

Chicken line

The chicken line is now up and running and works perfectly. It's brilliant ! As I have mentioned before the growers are now at the yard with the other livestock. We spend an hour every morning before work, letting out, cleaning, feeding, checking all is OK etc. and a similar time in the evening. ( they are also checked on during the day ) but since the young hens have been there it has meant each evening around 10 pm we have had to make the 4 mile round trip just to shut them in. Not any longer, all I have to do is phone them on their mobile ! My eldest son has designed and made a gizmo using an old mobile phone that when rung automatically closes the door! I'm not too good on the technical side of things, but there is a box that contains the phone, a trigger and circuit boards fixed to the inside of the house with a wire that goes outside and connects to the chain of the door, when the phone rings the screen lights up, the trigger withdraws and releases the chain and the door drops...brilliant.
All powered by a car battery.

All I have to do now is make sure nobody phones my old mobile number and that Orange don't send me a promotional text between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm, shutting the hens out !


Anonymous said...

how brilliant!

i should start to worry when the learn how to phone Australia though....

Sandra said...

LOL did cross my mind , so pay as you go with very little credit : )