Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thanks Dad !

Most Father's day I try to find a few packets of unusual seeds to give to my father. I must admit I never remember what I have given, so he probably gets duplicates each year...but either he forgets as well or is too kind to say. Today in the post I received a parcel containing four very healthy looking African Egg plants complete with growing instructions, a result of last year's present. Thanks Dad !

For now they are 'resting' in the utility room, as soon as I have a growbag or compost (hopefully tonight, I have just phoned my husband in the hope he picks the message up in time) I'll plant them in the greenhouse. I'll need to do a bit of jiggling about but they'll fit somewhere. It's a plant I've never grown before so should be interesting.

Dad ....what would you like this year ? Box of chocolates?

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