Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It's too hot !!

I know, I know ... it wasn't that long ago I was moaning about frozen water pipes but it is too hot, for me anyway ! I don't really like the heat, spring and autumn are my favourite seasons, nothing too extreme.
The mornings are fine. I'm still getting up around 5.30 am even though I no longer have the lamb to feed and the start of the day is beautiful, there is often a heavy dew on the grass and a mist rolling along the stream at the bottom of the field.The birds are singing, even heard a cuckoo yesterday, nobody else is about and it really is lovely. I get most of my essential jobs done then. The evenings are OK too, as long as the nights aren't too muggy, but midday.... I wilt. I'm good for nothing and whine like a spoilt child.....I'm too hot, it's too hot .

The heat does have some advantages, I suppose. It has meant the very young chicks haven't needed a heat lamp during the day...I'm sure there are others ! It has to be better than the rain - but then the garden needs watering. People are happier when it's sunny - but then you get loads of grockles. Are the livestock happier? not too sure, not when it's this hot I don't think so. I eat less - now that has to be good. Think I'll leave it on a positive note !

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