Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Flowers and feathers

Summer really has arrived... the dog rose and honeysuckle are just beginning to open, soon the hedges bordering the garden will be full of blossom, the air will be full of the sound of buzzing bees and the scent will be heavenly, especially late in the evening when we are watering the garden.

The geese are moulting. This morning the orchard was covered in feathers and Henry the old gander was sulking in his house. If I didn't know better I would have thought the fox had visited. All five geese are now looking very dishevelled and sorry for themselves. Thankfully the moult is reasonably quick and they will soon be showing off their new white feathers. In the meantime the grass is covered in enough feathers to stuff several duvets. It's funny watching the sparrows and swallows collecting them to line their nests.They are always attracted to ones slightly larger than they are able to fly with and take off is a struggle. There will be a few comfy nests this year, lets just hope if this weather continues the chicks aren't too warm!!

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