Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hot and happy pigs edited to add naughty !!

The recent hot weather has meant the pigs have enjoyed their wallow and appreciated being sprayed with water even more than usual. I just wish they wouldn't play 'dead' !

They are growing well and in a couple of weeks will be 4 months old so we will soon need to separate the boars.

With this in mind we have started working on the growers pens, one of which will be used for the boars until they are ready to go. The area we are using was Jack's allotment until a year ago. Since then it has just been left, being used occasionally for rough grazing. This weekend we started the fencing. Each area will be approximately 80 sq m, not huge but it should be large enough to run a few growers on.

Edited because the smallest Tamworth ( the one sitting up in the top photo, with trouble written all over her ) has lived up to the breeds reputation and figured out how to dig a hollow deep enough to allow her to escape under the electric fence ! We left her after feeding them around 5.30, at 6.30 we had a phone call from the eldest son questioning whether there was a reason why a pig was running around the paddock, having the time of it's life!

Luckily she went back in fairly easily but not at all happy to be back. We will now have to go up later this evening to check all is well.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Hehehe - the Tamworth One has an escape plan! Pig loved having a hoard of children pouring water over him day and he upended his water bucket umpteen times to make a large wallow. Aren't pigs fun?

Rosie x

Sandra said...

I love pigs, full of character and usually one step ahead of us !

Gofarmer said...

Have always wanted a pig. Nearly bought a couple of baby Kune Kunes a few years back but as then moved to Bulgaria and now France probably a good job I didn't. Hard enough with 3 dogs.