Friday, 29 May 2009

All move

Yet again we have been moving 'things' around. I think for the best. The incubator as mentioned previously is back down in the garage.The chicks are in the purpose made brooder in the poultry shed. I'm not sure if we have the design quite right but only by using it will we know and can then make adjustments.
The advantages of being in the shed are many, the chicks will have more human contact, as it is in the back garden next to the poultry run, whereas the garage is down the steps and onto the road.The shed also has a window so the chicks will benefit from natural light and fresh air and on the warmer days the door can be left open. We are also trying out a dull emitter 75 watt bulb. Previously we were using an ancient heat lamp with a 250 watt white bulb. The advantage of the new bulb, other than running cost, is that the chicks will benefit from a more natural light/dark 24 hours. Although at present we are also using a desk lamp with an energy saving bulb in to provide a little light, as we felt an immediate change over in new surroundings might be a little too stressful.
At first I was concerned the bulb wasn't putting out enough heat but judging by the chicks behaviour it's fine.
Also on the move this weekend is Fred - the bottle lamb. He is now 6 weeks old and desperately needs company of his own kind to learn that he is a sheep not human/chicken. He will be joining the other sheep at the yard.
It won't be long before the first batch of chicks will need moving, they are quickly out growing their run, which will be needed before we know it by these chicks and so it goes on.

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