Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weekly Garden update

A little behind this week with the update, so just quickly to remind me what has been sown .


We are picking the first sown radishes. Maybe a little small but they are very tasty and I am very impatient. The second sowing are growing well and the third sowing went in at the weekend.

We are also picking the leaves of the first sowing of Baby leaf salad mix.Again a second sowing went in at the weekend.

Spring Onions:
The first sowing of spring onions are germinating nicely a second sowing again at the weekend.

The Ildi tomatoes and the Shirley are ready to be transplanted into individual pots.Hopefully this weekend ...I need to buy some first.

More tomatoes sown today...
Suttons: Tumbling tom yellow, hanging basket tomatoes
Marshalls: Big boy, greenhouse tomato
Marshalls: Gardeners delight, indoor and out.

Sweet peppers:
Need to be transplanted to individual 3" pots this weekend

Suttons: Globe 2 two trays to grow on in the greenhouse for baby beetroot. More will be sown directly outside at a later date.

Divided and grown on from shop bought kitchen herbs. They are beginning to grow new, greener leaves.I will probably plant amongst the hanging basket tomatoes as we are hoping the parsley sown in the veg patch will also grow.

Sweet peas and nasturtiums doing well. The marigolds are slow and not particularly healthy looking. The Lemon Queen sunflowers have failed to germinate.

Veg patch:

Most of the plants / seedlings in the veg patch have stood still.Although we are having lovely sunny days, we are still getting cold nights and regular white frosts by the morning.

The shallots are a bit of a disappointment, although they are looking a little better now.
The lettuce are up but not growing.Same with the radish and turnip.
The parsley and parsnips are yet to germinate, but that is as expected.
The carrots surprisingly haven't germinated yet.
Rhubarb growing well.
Broad beans growing slowly.

Think that's about it. I would love more space !! I keep thinking of all the things I would like to grow.

I am very interested in companion planting.When I asked my husband if he was going to plant any companion plants in the veg patch his reply was...

I don't have the room for all the plants I would like to grow ....never mind their b*****y friends !!


Anonymous said...

that is a brilliant comment :D

Sandra said...

He isn't quite into my way of thinking.....yet !!