Monday, 27 April 2009

The guessing game

For the past week we have been playing the guessing game.Trying to guess and it can only be a guess because none of us really know, how many of the chicks are cocks and how many are hens.

With light breeds i.e Welsummers, the cocks are said to develop more pronounced tail feathers by two weeks of age. The hens are supposed to be darker chicks with more defined markings. However there are exceptions to the rules - they aren't hard and fast.

With heavy breeds i.e. Speckled Sussex, it is the hens who have the tail feathers by two weeks, the cocks have none.

So what do we have .....I have no idea !!! The two Speckled Sussex do have different markings and are developing at different rates....maybe one of each ?

The Welsummer ? well there are two I'm sure must be cocks.They are bigger than the others, braver, more self assured and do have similar markings to each other... slightly more ginger/tan.They also are feathering up quicker.As for the rest, one is very dark, another very pale, some with quite noticeable feathers, some not, some brave, some timid. Who knows ? I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

you can drive yourself mad trying to work it out :) - certainly we noticed with the first batch out of the incubator that all bar one were brave/friendly.. and the one that was timid/shy turns out to be the girl

Sandra said...

On the last quess.. SS - pair: WS - 2 hens, 2 cocks, 3 dunnos