Thursday, 2 April 2009

At Last ..but

Annie finally had her lamb ..yes lamb not lambs...this afternoon.

I have to admit I am disappointed. I know I shouldn't be as she lambed by herself and has produced a lovely strong ( if small) ram lamb and is being a brilliant mum.

It's just I really was expecting twins. (a) because she had twins last year (b) she got quite large towards the end (c) Whitestripes who was in very poor health was carrying twins and (d) we really needed two.

There's no getting away from the fact 'Alfie' is very cute. By the time we discovered him, he was up and about looking very strong and steady on his feet.

Remembering how the four lambs played together last year it is a shame he is the only one.

As he is a ram he will automatically go for meat, we were hoping for a ewe to raise for breeding. It looks as if though he takes after the zwartbles breed rather than suffolk, which would be great if he was a ewe lamb but not so good for a ram. He is also quite small, especially for a single and considering the size of the twin lambs last year.

Saying all that, we have a lovely strong healthy lamb, Annie is fine and we shouldn't ask for more.


Anonymous said...

he looks great - and should do well being a single. Shame about not having twins though - I do understand, as we ended up with only one lamb last year.. they miss out on playtime. we did what we could to make up though.. running round the field with him etc!
Glad the birth was uneventful, and they are doing well!

Sandra said...

He is gorgeous.Just been to check all is well.He's a spirited little thing as soon as he hears our voice he's up and tottering across to see what's going on. I mustn't forget he's for the chop.Annie is looking well. Fingers crossed,long may it continue.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Well done Annie, what a fine fella - and that's one more lamb than we've got!!

(I've also just worked out who you are on Downsizer!)

Rosie x

Sandra said...

She did do well,is a fantastic mum and he is a strong little thing. So I'm not realy disappointed.Just need to do a bit of re-thinking for future plans re: another breeding ewe.

*(I've also just worked out who you are on Downsizer!)*

aah she gave the game away : )

Anonymous said...

so thats both of us rethinking plans re another breeding ewe! - should we get a job lot...