Sunday, 22 March 2009

Broody ??

Another glorious day, blue skies and sunshine, warm too, although we are still waking to a white frost each morning and the evenings are still cold enough to light the wood burner.

Another busy day.The usual livestock duties and then more work on the shed interior for my husband, gardening for me.

The shed is coming along great.The outside is very new and stark, but will soon weather in and will be softened with plants. It measures 12ft X 8ft and is divided into 2, my section is 4 X 8, my husband's 8 X 8. I did try negotiating for more !! His side will be a work shop, mine for my poultry. We have designed it so there is a wide shelf at the back for the incubator and underneath an area for the brooder. The back and sides are insulated to keep the temperature stable, the window has a mesh cover to stop anything getting in or out. As soon as the electrics are connected I can start incubating !

I think, fingers crossed that the young goose in the orchard may be broody !! She was on the nest first thing this morning, still there tonight and my son said she was snuggled down tight on it during the afternoon.I 'm not sure she'll stay broody for the whole 30 days as she is very young, but there is a good nest the house as well ... with I think 9 or 10 eggs in. An ideal number. If she does get up part way through and my incubator is up and running all may not be lost.

Shed, looking very new. I have since sown wild flowers seeds in the ground between the two doors and plan to plant in front of the rest.

The baskets are for hanging tomatoes and sweet peas. More tomato plants and strawberries are on the ground in front.

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