Friday, 23 January 2009

One week on

I have been writing daily for a week now and have actually enjoyed it..I wasn't sure if I would.I know I have a reputation for talking alot but I thought writing may be different.... no I can ramble on (even if it is to myself, but then I talk to myself !) as easily in the written word as in the spoken.

This week has been OK, the weather hasn't been great so not many 'extra' jobs got done.The evenings are definitely getting lighter.The hens have moved their bedtime from 4.30pm to after 5.00pm and were still happily scratching around just now when I went to shut them in ...I mustn't forget I haven't done them.I haven't noticed the mornings getting any lighter.

The freezer is full of pork, gammon, bacon, sausages, lamb, a whole turkey and a jointed one.The hens are just keeping us in eggs ..a few more would be nice.So I think we have the meat side pretty much covered. Just need the vegetables and fruit now !


Anonymous said...

well, I'm enjoying your ramblings :) so keep writing!

am jealous of all your meat production.

Sandra said...

Thank you.

Like wise your veg. I have read about all the different meals you have created and have made a mental note of many of them.