Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Infamous ' To do list '

At this time of the year most of the jobs on the ' to do list ' are confined to weekends and these are dependent on the weather and or forecast.

This weekend the plan was to glaze the newly erected (although secondhand) greenhouse. However the forecast for today was severe wind and rain from midday onwards. As we didn't think it was wise to start the job and not get it finished before the wind started to build up we changed our plans and did some hedging instead.

We are a little late this year, we usually try and get most of it completed during the Christmas break. Although nowhere near finished, today we have made a good start.The hedges have been somewhat neglected, so we are cutting out a third each year (the largest of the branches) in the hope that it will eventually thicken up.

The forecasters were right,the morning started off with beautiful weather and we did wonder if we had made the right choice,but the wind started to get stronger during the day and at 4 o' clock the rain started, luckily we had just begun to pack away.

A good day!


Anonymous said...

definitely sounds like teh right shoicce- a half glazed greenhouse would soon have been a no glazed greenhouse!

A Green and Rosie Life said...

My life revolves around lists and without them I'm lost. I have lists what to do today, for the year, what to buy, who to write to, what to make, what's in the freezer, when to sow seeds, who bought what veg etc etc etc. I probably need a list of all my lists.

And welcome to blog world.

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Thanks for the welcome! the problem I find with making lists ,is that we set ourselves unrealistic targets and then get despondent when they are no where near completed....but then again there is always next year and the day!

Sandra said...

As it turned out it really was, last night was quite something..thankfully no damage here though.