Monday, 20 June 2011

It is no more !

To anyone other than family the two photos above probably rate amongst the most boring of all time but to me they represent the beginning and the end. A farewell to the bathroom of doom and the welcome promise of a lovely, shiny, easy to clean shower room.

My hate for the old bathroom grew out of all proportion, after all it was only a bathroom. It wasn't so much the awful pale yellow suite of the 70's (we did replace the glittery toilet seat when we moved in) just I could never get it looking clean. The glaze on the bath had become worn and pitted and the walls would get damp and black due to the lack of ventilation.

I don't mind too much how the new shower room looks as long as it is easy to clean and isn't yellow.

When we moved into this house everything from the garden gate and garage door to the paintwork and bathroom suite and tiles were either yellow or blue.

Other than the inside of the under stair door that has remained yellow as a reminder, the bathroom is the last and most hated to go.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately, our previous owner favoured pink. old lady pink :(

you must be so glad of the progress - onwards!