Sunday, 19 September 2010


The harvest from the vegetable garden is becoming more manageable with the majority of vegetables past the 'glut' stage.

We are now onto apples, mostly windfalls. Thankfully the fruit still on the trees is a week or so away from being ready to pick, buying us more time.

We have bags of sliced apple in the freezer, ideal for taking out a handful or so at a time for pies, sauces and crumbles. There are also ready made crumbles frozen.

Varying recipes of Apple and Marrow chutney line the shelves, along with Apple and Elderberry jelly.

I am trying a new non cook Apple and Date pickle. Having never made it before I am not too sure how it should look. I shredded the apples with the food processor rather than grate by hand and wonder if it lacks the bulk to absorb the fluid. The flavour is certainly promising.

Next I am going to give mincemeat a go.

At least apples are extremely versatile and hopefully the ones we pick will be suitable for storing, so requiring less time in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

making mincemeat is on my to do list. I usualy make it abotu now - and its great by thingymas

the apples are not ready? ours have been for a while.. and I would thought you were be ahead of us - guess its down to variety then

Sandra said...

The bramleys in the orchard at the yard are just about there. The tree and home has a while to go.

It's strange how we appear to be 'behind' you. The blackberries are only just turning and you are usually a good two weeks or so ahead of us on elderflowers.

Can you recommend a mincemeat recipe?