Monday, 30 August 2010

Busy Bank holiday

As usual the Bank holiday was spent desperately trying to reduce the long list of work 'to do', as well as the regular weekend livestock and gardening chores.

The poultry have been sorted into groups in new enclosures to go through the Autumn, giving the old enclosures a chance to rest and regrow.

Five of the poorer layers have been culled, two more have their 'cards marked'.

The young Exchequer Leghorns are now free to roam the enclosure at home.

In the orchard the bank/ hedge bordering the churchyard has been severely cut back, the odd elder sapling removed along with an unbelievable amount of 'Old Mans Beard'. It isn't quite yet finished.

The bees have been inspected.

Yet more veg and fruit has been picked, frozen, pickled etc. A late sowing of beetroot has filled the space made by harvesting the remaining potatoes and onions.

More work has been done to the hung slating on the 'house to rent'.
.....but at home the windows still haven't been cleaned or housework done.

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