Thursday, 11 March 2010

Frosty mornings and fruit trees

This morning we woke to yet another hard frost, frozen ponds, white fields- the usual. It shouldn't have been a surprise considering the previous day had been glorious with clear sky and sun shine and the fact that most mornings this winter the temperature has been below zero. So why then did we forget to cover the Apricot ? At the weekend we noticed the flower buds were forming and so each evening we have been putting a sack over the tree to protect it from the frost, last night we forgot. It is too early to know if any damage has been done to the flower buds and not too disastrous if there has as in the first year it is recommended not to let the fruit set but I was looking forward to seeing all the fruit trees in blossom.

The fruit garden is looking really nice now. All the crocus and daffodils we planted are out, giving a lovely splash of colour and everywhere looks neat and tidy. So pleasing to see after years of it resembling a building site.


Minum said...

Hi Sandra - thanks for your comment - your blog is amazing! We woke up to no frost this morning, for the first time in ages, so maybe we can start to think about planting.

Your fruit garden sounds lovely

Sandra said...

Don't be fooled ... this morning we woke up the first time for so long without ice on the's now raining !! Not quite sure which is worse.

I havebn't even started my sowing yet, I was hoping to do so this weekend