Monday, 11 January 2010

Ice free...almost

Yesterday's heavy snow failed to materialise. Although we did have snow falling most of the day, it was just enough to keep car tracks, footprints etc. continuously covered. By evening the snow had turned to icy sleet. This morning much of the snow had gone, although it still lingers in the fields and shaded areas. We are also mostly ice free !! the water buckets only had a very thin layer of ice on them and the ponds for the geese had thawed sufficiently for me to remove the ice in a solid block. We also have running water in the yard, albeit with a few leaky joints. This has enabled me to move and refill both ponds, replace all the water buckets without too much effort and just have a general, more thorough tidy readiness for tomorrows weather warning of heavy snow!!

Maybe if it does arrive tomorrow that will be the end of it. I was always told "snow lays around waiting for more to come to take it away" Let's hope so.

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