Thursday, 7 January 2010

First of the last

Yesterday, on the coldest and snowiest day so far, our unidentified chick , chose to lay her first egg. She is coming up for 26 weeks old and is the first of the last hatch of 2009 to lay. She is almost certainly a cross breed. At first we thought maybe with Australorp parenting somewhere in the mix, but as she developed it became more obvious that perhaps she came from Leghorn lineage. She certainly has a Leghorn personality. Her breed isn't important as long as she lays well, as that is her destiny. I must admit to taking quite a liking to her, even though (or maybe because) trouble is her middle name. She laid again today, a perfect, small, slightly tinted egg.


Madchickenlady said...

With those ears, I would have expected white! She is a very pretty chook.

Sandra said...

I was also expecting the eggs to be you say white ear lobes and possible Leghorn genes but there is a definate tint to them, especially when they are next to the Dorking eggs which are true white. They are without a doubt hers, at first I thought maybe one of the other POL may have laid,but they are hers.

She is sweet, actually not sweet, trouble :)