Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cold days - Warm eggs

I had forgotten, until today or since last winter, how nice it feels on a cold miserable day to have a warm, freshly laid egg in your hand whilst doing the out door chores.

Today Sylvia the broody Dorking came back into lay. Her chicks are now 12 weeks old, take the 3 weeks she was sitting and the previous week broody, she has been out of lay for 4 months!

Next year, when using broodies I shall take the chicks away from the hen at 5/6 weeks of age. By then they should be well feathered and more than able to take care of themselves. Sylvia was left with hers for longer as she only had the two, it was the end of the breeding season and it was easier to let them run with the flock. To be honest I was surprised Sylvia came back into lay at all this year.

Three of the growers at the yard are looking close to lay, as are the two Welsummer pullets in with the layers, which means I will soon be able to start selling eggs again.


Anonymous said...

You do the chores with an egg in your hand?


I've been known to break eggs before they have even left the nest box!!!

Sandra said...

:) As soon as I wrote it I knew someone would comment : ) OK not chores but the livestock rounds AKA standing and watching.If I do put an egg in my pocket to do something I am convinced it will far so good but one day ......