Monday, 21 September 2009

Uninvited house guests

I seem to have more wildlife indoors than out at present. For most of the summer we have had ants trailing from the front door through the house. All the cupboard conte
nts are in sealed containers and I nag the rest of the family not to leave food on the kitchen side, but still they come. Twice I thought I had managed to find their nest and destroy them but I think they are indestructible.
Spiders !! They seem to be everywhere and cobwebs. I do dust honest it's just they appear as soon as my back is turned.

This morning there was a caterpillar in th kitchen and later on a bush cricket on the window. This time, though outside. So I quickly closed the windows. Once I was sure it was gone I opened them again...I think it was hiding around the corner because it is now indoors.

Tonight unless all windows are closed before the lights are on there will be moths and tiny flies. Talking of flies we have them too, oh and wasps.

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