Sunday, 13 September 2009

Christmas turkeys and geese

The turkeys are growing, at possibly a quicker rate than we would like. They are now 10 weeks old and I am sure the whites are bigger than last years at the same age. I am fairly sure I have a pair of each. The white stag spends much of the day parading. The two stags do occasionally fight and although the fights don't last long they are quite nasty, with each trying to hold on to the others wattle. Their destiny is still undecided, two are most certainly for Christmas, but the idea was to keep a pair for breeding next year. However to do so I need to reduce my poultry stock. To be more precise I have to get rid of the paddock geese. Today I tried photographing them for an advert in the local agricultural merchants, I think they knew what I was up to because I just couldn't get a clear shot of them.They are however way or another. For now I shall keep the orchard geese.

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