Thursday, 5 March 2009


Splash is dying, she's not ill, just reached the end of her life. Yesterday she was a picture of health, eating, drinking, scratching around and squabbling amongst the others for the earthworms we threw into the run. This morning she didn't come out of the house first thing but as it was a little earlier than normal I left her until I came back from seeing to the sheep and geese. She was still in there when I returned, her comb had a purple tint to it and her breathing was laboured. She's not hunched up, her eyes aren't closing, there's no sign of mucus in her eyes or nostrils. I think her heart is just failing. For now she is in the nest box and isn't showing any kind of stress.Tonight if she is still with us I think we will 'do the decent thing' as I don't believe she would benefit from any veterinary treatment.

When we got her the gentleman who owned them said he thought they were about 5, we have had them for 6 months. I wasn't expecting to have them for much longer. Sad all the same.

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Anonymous said...

does sound like its just 'her time' but still sad as you say