Thursday, 9 July 2009

Surprise early chick

We have had the broody hen in an enclosed broody coop for most of the past three weeks, just taking her out for twenty minutes a day. However on Tuesday I built a run for her so she could come out on her own accord, as I wasn't happy disturbing her so close to hatching time. As she didn't come out at all on Wednesday I decided today I would lift her, as she still had three days to go, only to be greeted by a little fluffy yellow chick !

It is only day 19 and no sign of anymore today. All I can think of is that it is an Ixworth. Long story, not one to be recommended or repeated but when we collected the eggs from the poultry man there was a hen sitting on the Ixworth eggs and he thought she may have started incubating them. I did question whether this would cause problems if they hatched earlier than the others....he assured me mm we shall see.

Spirited little thing, already giving it's mother a hard time, pecking at her eyes and hanging from her comb. Not behaviour I've seen before and not good if she still has to sit for a few more days.

One day I'll do things properly and as I plan rather than being talked into the 'next best'.

It is really nice to see a mother hen with her chicks though, so much better than the harsh environment of an incubator.


Anonymous said...

oh dear - hope the others carry on and hatch. spose if she abandons them you could bung them in the incubator?

Sandra said...

So far she is being brilliant, still sitting tight but clucking and fussing the hatched one. She has food and water within reach. We will take each day at a time but like you say we do have the incubator on standby. There are only four left that are viable as far I could tell when I candled them.