Saturday, 20 June 2009

One of those days

Nothing terrible or really bad - just one of those frustrating days when things don't quite go as you had expected.

First thing this morning we went to collect the eggs I had ordered over the phone. When we arrived it seems the tray of eggs that had been saved for us had been given to someone else. So we took a trip around the poultry farm ( an experience in itself ! ) and collected a clutch of eggs (13) from various dark and dirty corners of tumble down barns, with no idea of breed at all or indeed how long they had been laid. I should of walked away, instead I now have a clutch of unknown eggs under a very contented broody hen....I wonder what (if anything) I have got !.

When we went to the Royal Cornwall Show a couple of weeks ago, we bought a print by our favourite artist.We love her work, think she is brilliant.

We took it to the local art shop to be framed .... it should have been ready today.However when the framer went to put it together this morning he realised he had made the frame too small , now it won't be ready for another couple of weeks. Not important, just I was looking forward to having it back.

Fred the bottle lamb started to scour on Friday, I thought most likely diet related as I had stopped his bottle feeds on Tuesday. However he didn't look too bright today so I call the vet . She recommended a course of antibiotics ( I'm not too sure ), some kaolin to bind him then in a couple of days a wormer. She promised to drop them in to me as she had to pass my way 20 minutes after I phoned. Nearly 5 hours later she arrived.

We have, however managed to make further head way on the fruit garden (whilst waiting for the vet), Sylvia the hen is happy (breed isn't important to her) hopefully Fred is on the mend and in a couple of weeks time I'll have a new picture on the wall.

So not too bad a day, after all


Anonymous said...

well, it will make it all the more exciting, seeing what chicks you end up with!

Sandra said...

I must admit I quite like the idea...not knowing. Mind you they are probably so mixed up even when/if they hatch I won't recognise them. I have blue eggs, green/olive eggs, white eggs, brown and creamy ones. They were all the s*** colour when I brought them home. : )