Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 25

Today is day 25 for the turkey eggs, time to stop turning, up the humidity and LEAVE WELL ALONE. Thankfully I have been distracted today after getting an email re: Family tree research so I haven't been tempted to interfere since candling them this morning and adding the water.

Of the original 13 I only have 5 maybe 6 left. I was really disappointed but talking to the 'poultryman' on Saturday apparently it is really good, especially as they had come through the postal system. I guess I just expect 100% all the time.They still have to hatch and survive the first few weeks..turkeys being turkeys that's no mean feat. Quite exciting though. I haven't bought any turkey starter crumbs yet, didn't want to tempt fate. As long as I don't just get one, that would cause a few problems.

The broody is sitting tight.We are lifting her once a day to feed etc. I couldn't believe my stupidity on Sunday! I went to lift her from the eggs, the same as I had been doing during the time she was sitting on china eggs but this time she had two of the eggs tuck up under her and as I lifted her they dropped, thankfully only one now down to 12. I had forgotten they did that .

Both hatches of chicks are still growing at an amazing rate. The 9 week olds look like miniature chickens now.The one obvious cockerel is beginning to throw his weight around. I think there maybe another Welsummer cockerel, the rest all hens !!

The younger chicks are 4 weeks old and almost fully feathered. They are off heat but still indoors. I will probably put them out this week as it is so warm. I could just do daytime bringing them in at night but they are a little scatty so I would prefer to leave it for a few extra days and once out leave them out.

The old hens are still laying reasonably well. One of the Light Sussex is moulting so there are feathers everywhere ! Sadly their days are numbered as they will be replaced with some of the female chicks from the two hatches when they are older.

In the meantime I shall be running up and down to the garage checking, but not fiddling with, the turkey eggs.

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