Monday, 15 June 2009

Home grown

Tonight we will be having our first fully home grown meal of the year. Hopefully the first of many.

Lamb shoulder steaks from last year's lamb, freshly dug new potatoes with mint, turnips, carrots and possibly a few broad beans, all from the garden. We may even have a bottle of eldest son's homemade wine.

If I made an effort I could use some of last year's plums to make a pudding but as we are all busy tonight I may save those for another day.

We have had several meals where most of the ingredients are our own, e.g eggs, bacon, sausages. In fact apart from the beef all the meat is ours. We haven't raised chickens yet but do have a complete and jointed turkey in the freezer, along with a fast dwindling supply of pork and lamb.

It's just the vegetables we have been lacking in - until now.


Anonymous said...

its a wonderful feeling, isn't it :)

Sandra said...

It is. In our old house we grew the fruit,veg and eggs but not the meat. Then when we moved we lost the fruit and veg now we are lucky enough to do it all.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

And it doesn't matter how many "own" meals you eat - that feel good factor never goes away.

Rosie x