Saturday, 25 April 2009

No goslings

Today we took the young broody goose off her nest, as expected there were no goslings. They were due to hatch last weekend, we gave her a few extra days 'just in case' but we were fairly sure she hadn't hatched any. After hatching they do tend to stay in the nest for a few days but you can usually tell by the way the goose is sitting if there are any young under her.

She didn't seem too concerned about leaving the nest.We put her into the Fowls run while we cleaned out the house and left it empty so she wasn't tempted to sit again when she returned.

I have been really pleased with the way she has sat tight for the whole time, she has certainly earned her place in the flock and hopefully next year when she is more mature she will have a successful hatch.
I don't think I will try hatching any goose eggs in the incubator this year or let the other two go broody, but I will see how it goes.

Photos: Freddie's ( that's the lamb) new friends.

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