Sunday, 15 February 2009


Another lovely day, all in all a good weekend, not too busy but jobs done. Typically after adding another nesting shelter to the Orchard geese yesterday, they have decided to build their own, outside in the most awkward and scruffiest part of the orchard.

Leaving the Paddock geese out last night was a mistake. This morning the poor goose was lame. It might be a coincidence, they do seem to have the odd day when they limp a bit but this appears to be more serious. I have a feeling she may have been caught in the cross fire during a take over bid between the older gander and one of the young pretenders. She spent most of the day sitting ( never a good sign ) and when we went to shut them in she was already in her house. We will wait and see what the next few days bring.

The hens spent the day pacing the wire ever hopeful for any offerings thrown their way, as my husband finished the last bit of digging...hurray!! Still much work to do before planting; raking, levelling, composting etc. but the hard work has been done.

I divided and transplanted some snowdrops, they prefer to be moved 'in the green' , did some weeding and sowed the sweet peas.

Tabatha one of our cats has been under my feet the whole day. For the past week she has been on antibiotics and to encourage her to eat them I have been adding the tablets to a small amount of tuna, twice a day. Now that she has finished them she is back to the usual cat food and is not at all impressed.

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